Christmas Jumpers and Christmas Sweaters for Men, Women and Kids

The festive season brings about a chance for everyone to stretch the boundaries of what is normally publically acceptable, it’s a very liberating, fun and exciting feeling to be able to walk into a shop, nip to your local pub or even book into a high end restaurant wearing a garish, Cheesy Christmas Jumper which rather than the ridicule you would expect at any other time of year, sparks cheers, compliments and the much loved ‘where did you get that?’. A true Christmas Jumper should not fit into the colour scheme of your wardrobe or match your favorite winter scarf. It should contradict everything your inner fashion conscious self says and hideously but marvelously clash with every other item of clothing in your possession.

Of course the king of all Christmas jumpers has flashing lights which says to all, look at me I am happy to be different and wear something which I want to wear not what the Catwalks of Milan tell me I should be wearing.

Over the past few years the rise of the Christmas jumper has become the must have festive garment for everyone in the run up to Christmas day and beyond. So how did Christmas jumpers become so popular?

Their are jumpers with reindeer's, snowflakes, snowmen and father Christmas. Jumpers with lights, bells, glitter and decorations. Home made knitted Christmas jumpers and bad fitting vintage jumpers.

In years gone by the gift of the Christmas jumper would have horrified most people. But not now, the Christmas jumpers are not just acceptable but bang on trend for the winter season and the Cheesier and uglier the better.

Ugly Christmas jumper parties have become all the rage in which friends, workmates and family's all compete to wear the most unique, ugly, cheesy Christmas jumper they can find. In North America they even hold Ugly Christmas jumper fun runs and bar crawl's with all attendees wearing a jumper on mass which is a wonderful site to see.

The modern hipster age of loving all things retro and vintage is now even more apparent and the Christmas jumper fits the niche well. The Christmas jumper can take you back to a more traditional Christmas. Nostalgic fashion is huge and ugly, vintage, unique Christmas jumpers are the new kitsch nostalgic fashion garment.

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