Christmas Eve 2010

It all started back on a cold winters night back in 2010. We had just finished trading for the year and once again had a very successful festive season. The competition had once again stepped up a notch and the popularity of the Christmas Jumper was growing. We knew that the following season would only see this increase again and predicted that the larger high street brand would come in to play. That's when our co-founder Mark decided that for Christmas 2011 we needed a unique Christmas jumper to make our brand remain at the front of the knitted jumper market.

So on Christmas Eve 2010 Mark started to put down a few ideas and over the next 2 weeks he started to develop these ideas ready to be sent of for production prices in January 2011. The design ranged from the simple to the more experimental. Over the next few months sample after sample arrived at Cheesy HQ and the design and lights were changed many times. We needed to have a Christmas jumper that was high in quality and that would last year after year.

The Light-Up Christmas Jumper - A star is born

Finally in June 2011 we had a product we were happy with and started our first run of Lighted Christmas Jumpers. The Christmas jumper featured a large Christmas tree with over 50 embedded LED lights. We launched the Christmas jumpers on a pre sale basis because of high demand and a late delivery from our supplier. This proved very popular and we sold out within 1 week of going on sale. The only problem with lighted Christmas jumpers is the production time involved in making the garments. Each LED light needs to be placed onto the garment by hand and with over 50 lights of the jumper this takes time. This means that once we sell out of the jumper we cannot get anymore made in time for Christmas. The high demand from meant many people where left disappointed but the buzz and demand we had created was beyond our wildest dreams.

We received high media attention for the lighted jumper in 2011 and the jumper featured on main stream TV shows such as ITV's This Morning worn by Philip Schofield, Channel Five's The Gadget Show and BBC One's The One Show.

The improved Lighted Christmas Jumper

2012 saw us change our manufactory's to improve the quality of the product and we once again set about the task of designing a new and improved LED lighted Christmas jumper . We decided to stick with the Christmas tree as the base of the design but improved the knitted pattern, material, colours and most importantly the lights. We developed the garment to a very high standard with many improvements taking place behind the jumper which the customer will not even see. This improves the jumper usability and justifies the high price tag in the Christmas jumper market.

We set our launch date for October 2012 and already had in place plans to reorder garments if the launch date was successful. Once again the Christmas jumpers sold fast and within a few days all the main sizes had gone. We ordered more garments for delivery to us in December 2012 and decided to set another launch date of Monday 3rd December at 9am for internet orders only. Unsurprisingly we sold out within hours of them going on sale.

2013 Lighted Christmas Jumper

In 2013 we designed 3 new lighted Christmas Jumpers which launched in October 2013. Once again the jumper proved very popular and sold out due to very high demand .

New era of Lighted Christmas Jumpers

In 2014 we started our development of a new method of lighted jumpers using a lighted panel at the front of the jumper. The panel can be removed for washing of the jumper and the lights are activated using a small switch with 2 AA batteries. The panel features 8 lightup modes and because of the bright lights it can be seen during daylight but for best results at night time. Our Flashing Fireplace Christmas Jumper proved very popular and was even worn by Olly Murs on the Radio One Breakfast Show.

2015 Light Up Christmas Jumpers

For 2015 we have once again improved our lightup Christmas jumper range. We are now using a new lighting system which means that the lights are much more visable in daylight.